Introduction (Terms of Use)

The website “” (the “Website”) operated by Praysonal Art Ltd (“Praysonal” or “the Company”) and serves as a sales site for the purchase of Holy land souvenirs and products (“the Product”).

The provisions of these regulations in the masculine form are for the sake of convenience only and the regulations apply to both sexes equally.

The purchase through the site is subject to the conditions specified in these regulations.

The mere purchase of the product on the site constitutes a declaration by the customer that he has read, understood and agreed to the provisions of these regulations. The Bylaws constitute a binding contract between you and the Company.


The Purchase

The site enables customers to buy a convenient, easy and secure product through the Internet.

You can purchase the product at any time until the inventory is finished.

The purchase on the site is by credit card and/or by PayPal service only and the transaction will be executed after its approval by the credit card company.

The price of the product on the site includes VAT.

The Company reserves the right to discontinue the marketing and sale of the product at any time and to deny the right to purchase at a sales site at its discretion.

Please note: products may go out of stock before we have an opportunity to update that information on the website. If the item you purchased is out of stock, we will either fully refund you or give alternative options that may suit your needs. Due to potential computer and software errors, prices of items might be wrongly listed. In such cases, you will be notified of the error and you can choose between paying the right corrected amount or get your money back. Praysonal can correct the wrong price to the right one at any time at its discretion.

Wrong Item or Inaccurate Description

Praysonal emphasizes that sometimes the product description may not be accurate. If a product offered by Praysonal is not as described, your sole remedy is to return it, UNUSED, and in compliance with Praysonal return policy.

*Please note: Praysonal customers are responsible for verifying and paying any local customs, taxes or duties levied by the country designated in your shipping address. The order total does not include any country-specific or local fees.


Supply and transportation of the product

  • The Company will supply the product to the customer at the address typed by him at the time of the purchase on the sales site, according to the shipping policy specified for each product and chosen by the customer.
  • The Company shall not be responsible for any delay and / or delay in supply and/or non-supply caused by force majeure and/or events not under its control.
  • Delivery of the product will be done to the address given by the customer at the time of purchase, and the customer cannot collect the product from the company’s offices.

The price of the product includes the shipping cost or excluding the shipping cost all according to the shipping policy specified for each product and chosen by the customer.

Customer Service

For any questions or inquiries regarding the product, please contact the company’s service representatives by mail:

Warranty and service

  • The warranty for the product covers material defects in the body of the product
  • Product warranty is given for a period of 3 months from the date of purchase.
  • The warranty is valid only for a customer who has proof of original purchase and only if the purchase was made through the Praysonal store website. The Company reserves the right to require the customer to prove that he is the original purchaser of the product.
  • The sole remedy for any defective product covered by the warranty is limited to repairing or replacing the defective product. The Company’s total liability for any defective product shall in no case exceed the purchase price of the defective product.
  • The company’s warranty will not apply in cases where the defect in the product was caused by incorrect operation.
  • The Company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the misuse or use of the Product, including any incidental, special, indirect or consequential damages, to the extent permitted by law. The Client assumes all responsibility and any risk and liability for loss, damage and damage to the body and / or property and/or property and/or third parties arising from the use and/or non-use of the Product.